WorkCyte story archive

It started with the 2016 decision to transition to the cloud-based Workday system for Iowa State's business and human resources work and grew into WorkCyte, a collection of enterprise systems that streamline campuswide processes and provide improved service delivery (ISD).

If you're new to Iowa State or need to catch up, you can read about the history and evolution of the WorkCyte project with Inside's archive of stories.

Enterprise software system choice is Workday 12-8-16 Workday
Council briefed on Workday implementation process 1-12-17 Workday
New platform will provide portal to multiple applications 4-20-17 Okta
WorkCyte: Out with the old, in with the new 5-4-17 WorkCyte
Workday moves to architect phase 5-25-17 Workday
Tracking WorkCyte progress 6-29-17 WorkCyte
WorkCyte: Security system launches this fall 7-20-17 Okta
Employee reporting hierarchy sets foundation for Workday 8-24-17 Workday
Admissions to debut recruiting engagement software 9-28-17 WorkCyte
Workshops offer intro to Workday 10-12-17 Workday
Another tool for cybersecurity 11-2-17 Okta
Get a feel for Okta as an early adopter 1-25-18 Okta
Workday implementation schedule to be announced by March 2-15-18 Workday
Okta secure login debuts March 1 2-23-18 Okta
How will Workday change what you do? 3-1-18 Workday
Workday go-live date moved to 2019 3-8-18 Workday
New P&S pay and classification system may wait for Workday 3-22-18 Workday
Expense reporting is focus of next WorkCyte workshop 5-29-18 WorkCyte
Getting to AccessPlus just got easier 5-31-18 Okta
P&S class/comp implementation window shifts with Workday 5-31-18 Workday
Workday moves to testing phase 6-14-18 Workday
Workday teams will focus on unit-level impacts 7-12-18 Workday
Workday testing ramps up this month 8-16-18 Workday
Wintersteen welcomes faculty at first senate meeting 9-13-18 ISD, Workday
Feedback sought on proposed service delivery models 9-27-18 ISD
Responsibilities, reporting lines could chang for some staff 10-4-18 ISD
P&S Council seeks ways to help as HR, finance jobs poised to change 10-11-18 ISD
Faculty input sought on campuswide initiatives 10-11-18 ISD, Workday
More Workday workshops scheduled to meet demand 10-11-18 Workday
Town hall planned to address service delivery concerns 10-18-18 ISD
Town hall takes closer look at HR, finance service delivery proposals 10-25-18 ISD
Town hall takes closer look at service delivery changes 11-1-18 ISD
P&S Council asks for delay on improved service delivery plan 11-1-18 ISD
Specialists improve service delivery in LAS 11-8-18 ISD
HR overhaul gets more detailed, with role added to help hire staff 11-15-18 ISD
Staffing review is a first step toward aligning finance, HR positions with service delivery models 11-15-18 ISD
Watch for monthly updates from WorkCyte 11-15-18 WorkCyte
Phased approach proposed for service delivery changes 11-15-18 ISD
What are you using that's moving to Workday? 12-6-18 Workday
Improved service delivery moves forward with release of hiring plan 11-29-18 ISD
Where specialists would step in on finance work 11-29-18 ISD
Wintersteen, Cain and Darr update P&S Council on service team proposal 12-13-18 ISD
Candidate forums set for associate VP posts in HR, finance 12-13-18 ISD
Staff invited to explore specialist jobs at Jan. 8 event 12-13-18 ISD
Service delivery team assignments announced 12-20-18 ISD
Finance and HR service delivery leaders hired 1-3-19 ISD
Job descriptions released for new HR, finance specialists 1-3-19 ISD
Interest survey for specialist positions opens Jan. 9 1-3-19 ISD
Reminder: Service delivery job showcase is Jan. 8 1-3-19 ISD
Staff survey responses needed by Jan. 18 1-10-19 ISD
Transition teams start their work 1-24-19 ISD
Activate your web sign-in requirement by March 1 1-24-19 Okta
Workday will replace patchwork of timekeeping systems 1-24-19 Workday
Worktags will replace account numbers in Workday 2-7-19 Workday
Team alignments set for finance leaders 2-7-19 ISD
Training for 10,000: Learning how to use Workday begins in April 2-14-19 Workday
Service delivery team sizes announced 2-14-19 ISD
Faculty can find answers at Workday forum 2-28-19 ISD, Workday
Service delivery update includes local vs. specialist duties 3-7-19 ISD
Finishing service team hiring is essential to fleshing out transition details 3-14-19 ISD
Who's on your service delivery team? 3-28-19 ISD
Workday won't make it harder to do business with campus units 3-28-19 Workday
Hiring system will phase out during June transition 4-4-19 Workday
Hiring to wrap up for HR, finance service teams 4-4-19 ISD
Workday is a one-stop shop for data reports 4-11-19 Workday
Be ready for data deadlines as Workday go-live nears 4-26-19 Workday
Readying faculty for Workday 5-2-19 Workday
Units receive guidelines for moving, housing service team members 5-2-19 ISD
Minimal Workday training required for many 5-9-19 Workday
Transition plans being finalized for staff staying in units 5-28-19 ISD
Workday to improve student hiring process 5-30-19 Workday
Internal job applications will be easier with Workday 6-7-19 Workday
With go-live near, last-day deadlines set for legacy systems 6-7-19 Workday
Committee will provide service delivery oversight 6-7-19 ISD
Travel card use begins in July; training is available now 6-13-19 Workday
New ordering sites, pay option to debut for central stores and chemistry stores 6-13-19 Workday
Get hands-on Workday experience in user labs 6-13-19 Workday
Workday go-live will be phased 6-20-19 Workday
ISU's Workday world starts next week 6-27-19 Workday
Your patience is appreciated 6-27-19 Workday
A look back at the Workday launch 7-11-19 Workday
Workday: There's an app for that 7-18-19 Workday
Have a Workday concern? Check out rundown of known issues 7-18-19 Workday
What happens with Workday service requests? 8-1-19 Workday
Workday help is available for returning faculty 8-22-19 Workday
Job alerts now available in Workday 9-26-19 Workday

As workflow stabilizes, ISD's second phase turns to outreach and improvement



Spring rollout planned for Workday budgeting module

12-12-19 Workday

ISD advisory committee issues first report

2-13-20 ISD
Training begins next month on Workday Planning module 2-20-20 Workday
New budgeting tool with well-timed benefits to launch next week 4-9-20 Workday
Workday, ISD made shift to remote work easier 5-14-20 WorkCyte
Finance and planning info moves to a new portal 10-29-20 WorkCyte
Report details service delivery's first year and future plans 11-5-20 ISD
New central portal connects ServiceNow content across campus 2-18-21 WorkCyte
Leaders announced for Workday Student, Receivables project 2-23-21 Workday