Committee will provide service delivery oversight

An advisory committee has been appointed to monitor and support continuous improvement of the finance and human resources improved service delivery (ISD) models that go into effect July 1.

The committee picks up the reins from the institutional effectiveness leadership team (IELT) and a "super group" of stakeholders that guided development of the ISD plan. It will meet monthly through 2019, then quarterly.

The advisory committee will evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of ISD, identifying areas for improvement. Customer satisfaction, career development of ISD specialists and operational processes are among the areas that will be monitored. Feedback and data will be used to measure ISD performance.

"The committee has representation from across campus to provide input and feedback on ISD. It will be a positive voice to the rest of campus on the improvements we're making," said Dwaine Heppler, associate vice president for human resources and strategy. Heppler and Kyle Briese, finance manager and the finance leadership ISD liaison, will lead the advisory committee meetings.

"It's important for us to demonstrate that with Workday and the ISD organizational structure that we're able to offer a higher level of finance and HR service," Heppler said.

Committee membership

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences dean Beate Schmittmann and vice president for research Sarah Nusser co-chaired the IELT group and will serve on the advisory committee through June 2020. Representatives from nine areas will serve three-year terms:

  • Faculty Senate, Rob Wallace (associate professor of ecology, evolution and organismal biology)
  • Professional and Scientific Council, Amy Ward (program coordinator, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching)
  • Merit staff, Beth Wing (secretary, human development and family studies)
  • Council of Deans, Dan Grooms (dean, College of Veterinary Medicine)
  • Department chairs, Chad Gasta (professor and chair, world languages and cultures)
  • Research, Jerry Zamzow (assistant vice president, research office)
  • Academic affairs, Dawn Bratsch-Prince (associate provost for faculty)
  • Student affairs, Bonnie Whalen (director, administrative services)
  • Operations and finance/president’s office, Ellen Rasmussen (interim associate vice president, operations and finance)

Four committee members will serve on a permanent basis:

  • HR service delivery and strategy, Dwaine Heppler (associate vice president, university human resources)
  • Finance and support services, Kyle Briese (finance manager, operations and finance)
  • Workday technical team, Joli Coil (program manager, information technology services)
  • Communications, Megan Landolt (assistant to the president for communications)

The committee's findings, including recommendations and milestone achievements, will be summarized in quarterly reports to the president and senior vice presidents. The reports will be shared campuswide.