Watch for monthly updates from WorkCyte

The WorkCyte change management team launched a monthly email newsletter in October to keep ISU employees updated on the campuswide initiative. The next issue of "Monthly Matters" sent from the WorkCyte program will hit employee inboxes this week.

The intent is to promote awareness about campuswide changes and help employees prepare for them prior to the July 1, 2019, go-live date for the Workday software system. The monthly newsletter will connect employees with training opportunities, provide an inside look at what's on the horizon and communicate the latest program developments.

Delivered the second week of each month, the Monthly Matters newsletters will have regular components, including:

  • "New Concept Corner," an introduction to subjects or terms related to Workday
  • "What's Changing," a quick look at changes for specific topics or areas
  • "WorkCyte Roundup," highlighting the latest news and developments
  • "Meet WorkCyte," short profiles of Iowa Staters working on the initiative (including students)
  • A message from interim vice president and chief information officer Kristen Constant

In addition to the Monthly Matters newsletter, the change management team is engaging campus members through workshops, outreach meetings, unit-level "PIT crew" teams, the WorkCyte website and social media (Twitter, Instagram). A WorkCyte news archive and links to previous Monthly Matters emails also are available.