Getting to AccessPlus just got easier

What is Okta?

Okta is an identity and access security platform that protects user and university information. Learn more by visiting the WorkCyte and IT security websites.

Logging into AccessPlus was simplified this week for Okta users who have enabled multifactor authentication. Instead of requiring an employee ID number and separate password, AccessPlus now is one click away -- with no additional login -- on Okta's application dashboard.

“Once someone enables multifactor, AccessPlus will automatically sign in when launched from the Okta dashboard," said Mike Lohrbach, director of enterprise services and customer success for information technology services.

Setting up multifactor authentication

Web-based services and applications -- for example, AccessPlus, Canvas, Office 365 and Cybox -- that require a university Net-ID and login already use an Okta sign-in screen that debuted March 1. Users can enable multifactor authentication (MFA) and set up a personalized dashboard at (Look for the "activate multifactor authentication" icon at the top of the page.)

Okta offers five MFA options to deliver a single-use security code during the login process -- for example, a text message. Each login is good for 10 hours of password-free access to the web-based applications and programs on the user's Okta dashboard.

Dashboard convenience

Lohrbach encourages users to make the Okta dashboard their homepage. After using a Net-ID and password via, users simply can click on the program application icons to use web-based applications and programs without more login screens.

"You can log in once and then launch all your apps for the rest of the day," Lohrbach said.

Dashboards can be personalized by users. Applications are added continuously and range from, to Google Drive, to PaperCut (printing), to ISU's Wall Street Journal subscription.

Make it a habit

MFA will be required for everyone in the future, but no launch date has been determined. Lohrbach said setting it up now can provide a seamless transition -- and good habits that may save users some time.

"We really encourage people to make it a habit to sign in to their Okta dashboard at the start of the work day," Lohrbach said. "Upon login, your dashboard and apps follow you from computer to computer, providing a personalized experience wherever you are."

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