Hiring system will phase out during June transition

PeopleAdmin, the university's hiring and classification system, is among those functions that will run on the Workday platform after July 1. University human resource leaders, collaborating with the provost's office and HR liaisons around campus, have developed a timeline for transferring Iowa State from one to the other.

"The transition from PeopleAdmin to Workday covers not just job vacancies and postings, but advertisements, position updates, reclassifications and supervisor updates," said interim vice president for university human resources Kristi Darr. "Workday will exclusively support these needs, for all university employees, effective July 1. We want to share some important dates with departments and units so they can prepare for the transition."

She noted that positions can be posted in just one system at a time, but the timeline provides 90 days -- until Sept. 30 -- for job postings left in PeopleAdmin to wrap up.

Key dates in the transition include:

May 1: Last day to submit reclassification requests and position description updates (until July 1)

Late May (date TBD): Employee and position data pulled from PeopleAdmin to populate Workday

May 30: Last day to submit job postings in PeopleAdmin for P&S pay grades 37 and above, regular and adjunct faculty, senior lecturer and senior clinician jobs (30-day postings)

June 14: Last day to submit postings in PeopleAdmin for P&S pay grades 36 and below, clinician and lecturer jobs (15-day postings)

June 21: Last day to submit postings in PeopleAdmin for merit jobs (10-day postings)

June 30: Last day for applicants to apply in PeopleAdmin

July 1: New job postings go live in Workday, job postings in PeopleAdmin with no applicants are closed and reopened in Workday

July 2: All other business formerly done in PeopleAdmin resumes in Workday

Sept. 30: Last day to complete active postings in PeopleAdmin (must be filled or withdrawn)

Darr said that an enormous data pull -- transferring position information from PeopleAdmin to Workday -- will occur sometime in late May. The HR service delivery teams announced in March will have Workday access during June to complete updates such as adding new hires.

She also noted current HR liaisons will play a lead role in helping their units through the transition, particularly the month of June as PeopleAdmin access diminishes. Job vacancies in June deemed not as urgent or that miss the above deadlines will be entered in Workday and ready to advertise on July 1.