Interest survey for specialist positions opens Jan. 9

All merit and professional and scientific staff will be asked to participate in an online employee interest survey this month. The survey, open Jan. 9-18, will help match qualified employees with new specialist positions on human resources and finance improved service delivery (ISD) teams.

Staff must select "maybe" or "yes" to be eligible for consideration and can withdraw from the process at any time. A "no" selection will terminate the survey.  To be considered for a specialist role, employees must complete the interest survey by 5 p.m. Friday, Jan. 18.

Survey details

Employees must meet the minimum qualifications and describe their related experience for specialist positions they're interested in pursuing. Resumes are not required. Positions in the HR and finance service delivery models include:

Respondents can rank their preferences for the specialist positions (up to four) and team assignments (up to three). For example, a staff member could rank interest in the finance services (No. 1) and procurement expense (No. 2) positions, and an assignment to the Redwood (No. 1) or Sycamore (No. 2) ISD teams.

The survey link will be emailed when it goes live on Jan. 9. A preview of the survey will be included in an ISD update email expected later today.

Next steps

The employee interest survey and an evaluation matrix of qualifications will be used to match qualified staff with specialist jobs. Individuals are not guaranteed an ISD specialist position.

Transition teams and HR and finance administrators will follow up with interested employees. When possible, potential supervisors also may meet with employees during the ISD selection process. Employees must make a final decision on offered ISD roles by March 1 but will not officially assume new positions until July 1.


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