Staffing review is a first step toward aligning finance, HR positions with likely service delivery models

Campus leaders have announced an additional review step for vacant finance and human resources positions while the improved service delivery (ISD) models are refined and the new service structure is developed. The review applies to all relevant vacant positions and reclassification requests, whether in the colleges, central administration or other campus units.

Current staff will have first pick of the specialized HR and finance positions in the proposed ISD structure before jobs are posted externally. Interim vice president for university human resources (UHR) Kristi Darr said the additional review is intended to minimize changes in job duties for staff during ISD implementation.

Effective Nov. 12, UHR will review:

  • Vacant positions related to human resources and finance for potential impact of ISD-related changes. Positions may be held or not posted, depending on the review, needs of the hiring unit and availability of other resources.
  • Requests for reclassification or modifications to position descriptions for any professional and scientific or merit position related to ISD.
  • Requests for staff salary adjustments outside of the annual review process.

The reviews will include evaluation by interim senior vice president for finance Pam Cain on finance positions and Darr on HR positions.

"Even as the proposed models are discussed, refined and communicated, and feedback is being received, we know the university still needs to fill or reclassify HR and finance positions," Darr said. "However, to minimize future position changes for our current staff, we want to align these actions as much as we're able with the likely ISD structure."

Getting the work done

Darr said campus leaders recognize work needs to get done, even if a position can't be filled immediately. She said supervisors may consider alternatives such as:

  • Temporary or emergency P&S positions
  • Temporary merit positions, including assistance from Advance Services Inc. (approved ISU vendor)
  • Interim roles or special assignments for current employees
  • Pay programs for specific accomplishments: Extra Meritorious Pay Program for P&S, Pay for Exceptional Performance for merit
  • Adjusted work hours
  • Professional development opportunities

Departmental HR liaisons can help units assess these alternatives and the best options for their needs.

Vacancies in non-ISD positions

Positions not associated with the ISD models -- for example, academic advisers or communications specialists -- will continue to be filled or reclassified through the normal process. Questions about whether a position would be affected by ISD implementation may be directed to an HR liaison.