Transition plans being finalized for staff staying in units

More information, including a transition timeline, is available on the WorkCyte website.

Transition teams are playing a virtual match game, helping align responsibilities and positions impacted by improved service delivery (ISD) structures for finance and human resources. The teams' focus is twofold: redistributing essential duties of the more than 150 staff moving into ISD positions and "filling the gaps" for staff whose finance and HR work will be done by ISD specialists as of July 1.

Leslie Ginder, employee and labor relations consultant in university human resources, and Stephen Simpson, director of emergency management and outreach for environmental health and safety, are coordinating 17 transition teams. The teams, formed in January, have been working closely with local supervisors and employees, providing unit leaders with recommended changes.

10% threshold

Approximately 600 employees filled out responsibility trackers that mapped their job duties by percentage. The transition teams are using the trackers and conversations with employees and supervisors in the unit to identify the potential ISD impact on positions and duties.

Simpson said transition teams are providing recommendations to their unit leaders and finalizing individual transition plans for employees with more than 10% of their duties moving into the ISD structure -- about 200 staff members. The individual transition plans are due May 31.

"Most of the transition plans are being created with the departmental duties that need to be backfilled. There's a good match for most of those," he said.

Employees who haven't heard from their transition teams likely don't exceed the 10% threshold that prompts the creation of an individual transition plan.

"The ones with greatest impact are being handled very closely. The ones with the least amount of impact may or may not be hearing from their team right now," Simpson said.

A good match

Ginder said the duties left behind are critical unit tasks -- for example, administrative duties and pre-award grant management. Transition teams are closely analyzing the duties to determine if they're appropriate for the employee identified to take them on. Central HR staff are providing guidance and expertise for specific situations.

"The teams are being very conscientious about looking at what everyone's capacity is, what departmental duties need to be done and if those are consistent with the person's classification," she said.

Ginder said anyone with questions or concerns can contact the co-chairs of their transition teams, or email

"Their transition team is there for them to have a conversation to answer their questions and hear their concerns," she said.