P&S class/comp implementation window shifts with Workday

The implementation date for changes to the professional and scientific classification/compensation structure has been moved from spring to September 2019. The new date will allow staff in university human resources to implement changes to the P&S structure in just one system -- Workday -- rather than duplicate their efforts in the current systems for temporary use.

In March, interim vice president and chief information officer Kristen Constant announced a revised implementation timeline for the first Workday platforms, to July 2019.

"One of our goals had been to implement the classification and pay structure changes one time, taking advantage of the benefits Workday provides while allowing a stabilization period for Workday," said classification and compensation director Emma Mallarino Houghton. "We still believe this is the best scenario, so moving our implementation target preserves that option."

In an update to the Professional and Scientific Council May 24, she said two other options were considered but ultimately discarded: go live on the original timeline in the current system or at the same time as Workday.

Waiting to synchronize with Workday should create some training efficiencies and eliminate the demand for retraining, she said. It also should help minimize confusion inherent with changes to practices and procedures.

Mallarino Houghton said the classification/compensation core team -- UHR staff and consultants -- will continue its work on the project at nearly the same pace. That includes involving partners such as the extended project team, university leaders, HR liaisons and the P&S Council. Their involvement, in addition to helping reach project milestones, validates the process, she said.

Over the next few months, the core team will focus on:

  • Identifying titles
  • Benchmarking those titles to a third-party salary survey
  • Developing title descriptions
  • Beginning to build the new structure of titles and pay grades

The team will update the university community as information is available. Mallarino Houghton said units should continue to process employee reclassifications and requests for new positions.

For more information, visit the classification and compensation review website. Questions may be submitted on the website or via email to uhrcc@iastate.edu.

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