Units receive guidelines for moving, housing service team members

Guidelines for handling the equipment, phone and space needs of staff moving into improved service delivery (ISD) specialist roles were provided last week to top administrators. Service team specialists have been asked to complete an online equipment survey to evaluate their current and future technology and workspace needs.

Facilities planning and management (FPM) staff worked with university leaders to develop the guidelines for administrators and supervisors making decisions about ISD team members who will remain embedded or move to new locations.

"We recognize the university has some significant space constraints, so we will need to be thoughtful and creative. Our top priority is to ensure staff are in spaces where they can be successful and the units can easily access their ISD specialists," said Dwaine Heppler, associate vice president for human resources service and strategy.

FPM staff are identifying available space for ISD specialists relocating to different areas and will help plan and prioritize their moves. Heppler said space availability and service team needs will determine moving dates, which could happen before, during and after the July 1 go-live for ISD and Workday. Unit leaders and supervisors will work with FPM staff to finalize workspace, equipment and moving plans.

Collaborative process

The guidelines stress collaboration and support from affected units. Workspace locations, furniture, computers, phones and office supplies are all being addressed as part of the ISD transition.

The workspace location guidelines include:

  • Proximity to units served (embedded when possible)
  • Accessibility to unit employees
  • Privacy for confidential or sensitive discussions

Service team members should not be front-desk personnel who greet unit visitors or handle walk-in traffic and questions.

Who provides what?

Units that house service team members are being asked to provide furniture and standard office space, which will remain in the unit's room inventory. Computers and phones should move with the specialists when possible, but comparable items should be provided to the specialists if that equipment needs to stay put.

Initial office supplies and incidental printing services will be provided by the unit. Service teams will be responsible for computer maintenance, repair and replacement; monthly phone service; recurring office supplies and postage; travel expenses; and training and professional development costs. Information technology services will provide IT support to service teams. More information on funding for one-time and recurring costs will be provided later.

"This will be a collaborative process to locate staff. We want to be mindful of the team approach to service delivery, and we also want to do what’s best for the units the teams are supporting," said Heather Paris, associate vice president for finance and support services.