Implementation approved for new P&S structure

A new classification and compensation system for Iowa State's professional and scientific (P&S) employees has the green light for implementation. President Wendy Wintersteen and senior vice presidents Pam Cain, Martino Harmon and Jonathan Wickert approved a two-phase process that begins next month and should wrap up by May 31.

At the end of implementation, every P&S employee will have a new classification. Job duties and annual salary will not change.

Emma Mallarino Houghton, director of classification and compensation for university human resources (UHR), said a two-phased approach will be used in order to classify employees into the new structure without the bias of pay. It also gives employees time to request a review if they believe their assigned job title is not accurate. In the new P&S structure, some 600 job titles will more accurately reflect the work employees do.

Looking ahead

During March, HR service delivery teams will meet with unit leaders and together they'll connect each employee's position in that unit to the appropriate job and level (if that job has more than one level), based on the nature and complexity of an employee's work. Once local meetings are complete, employees will learn their new job titles. During April and early May, HR service delivery teams will work with UHR central compensation/classification staff to complete job title reviews requested by P&S employees.

Mallarino Houghton said collaboration with unit leaders throughout phase one is critical. The passage of time and changes implemented at Iowa State since the P&S class/comp review began may have changed the work some employees are doing.

In the second implementation phase, targeted for the end of May, the new P&S system will go live in Workday. Employees will be able to view their final job assignment and level in the system.

The new structure, under development for nearly two years, is intended to reflect and keep pace with the market and adopt best practices for classification and compensation. Mallarino Houghton said the overarching goal is to improve Iowa State's ability to attract and retain P&S employees.


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