Receptions and open houses

February 2020

Blue Maas, Feb. 27

Kerry Gibson, March 2 (no event)

"#WomenKnowStuffToo" exhibit, March 3

Simon Estes Music Hall ceremony, March 4

Cindy (Stuve) Hopton, March 6 (no event)

Peter Gudlewski, March 6

"The Good Sport" exhibit, Feb. 20

Maddie Burkhardt, Feb. 21

Judy Strand, Feb. 26

"G00nD0ck Practice" exhibit, Feb. 13

Angie Jewett, Feb. 14

Blue Maas, Feb. 27

John Flickinger, Feb. 6

"Creating Global Understanding: World Languages and Cultures and University Museums" exhibit, Feb. 6

"Collegiate Fashion and Activism: Black Women’s Styles on the College Campus" exhibit, Feb. 10

Vernon Hurte, Feb. 11