University to collect job information from P&S employees

In the month of June, all Professional and Scientific employees can expect an email from university human resources providing details about a job collection process and the tool they'll use to document their job information. Instructions will be provided on how to fill out the Job Profile Tool (JPT), route the completed tool and a timeline for completion. This is one of the early pieces of an 18-month review of the university's classification and compensation structure for P&S employees.

Compensation and classification director Emma Mallarino Houghton said the job profile tool is an opportunity for P&S employees to share information about their positions that will help inform and shape the future classification structure. Using the JPT, in their own words employees will summarize their positions, including their standard duties. Employees also will be asked to weigh in on what education, experience, licensures and certifications should be required or preferred for their positions. The JPT also gives supervisors the opportunity to validate the information employees provide and share feedback about the position(s) they directly supervise. Temporary P&S employees will not need to fill out the JPT.

"Ultimately, the job collection process is an opportunity for employees and supervisors to provide very valuable input into this process," Mallarino Houghton said. "The information gathered in this tool will inform the development of the new classification structure, help define job classifications and families, and identify gaps in today's structure."

Executive interviews also underway

Interviews with university leaders, led by Aon consultants, took place on May 15-16, with more scheduled for May 19 and 23. Mallarino Houghton said the purpose of the interviews is to gather input from leaders about the current state and desired future state of the classification structure and to develop a compensation philosophy, which will be critical to the project and how it takes shape. 

The primary goal of the classification and compensation review is to address the need for a modern P&S classification and compensation structure. Specifically, a new structure should:

  • Create and establish a university-wide compensation philosophy for P&S staff 
  • Develop defined job categories and job families for P&S jobs 
  • Develop a defined P&S pay structure that balances market, equity and performance 
  • Develop defined pay administration policies and practices to maintain a modern and competitive pay program 
  • Better define pathways for P&S career development

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