Workers guide copper piping into an open window

Finishing a top floor

A crew lifted piping into the fifth floor of the Advanced Teaching and Research Building last week as work continues to finish the space for the interdisciplinary Nanovaccine Institute.

Implementation approved for new P&S structure

University leaders have approved a two-phase process that separates job title and pay grade assignments.

Belinda Heckman in the Freddy Court SHOP location

SHOP satellite

Nine years into the experiment, students are still helping their own

In addition to the primary Food Sciences location, satellite food pantries in the community centers of the two student apartment communities, Schilletter-University Village and Frederiksen Court, provide on-site service to students.

New campus chalking policy took effect this week

The new policy, which permits chalking on many campus sidewalks "to announce programs, promote events, exchange opinions, share messages and otherwise express ideas," applies to all university students, employees, affiliates and visitors.

Survey will help shape facilities planning

The confidential survey, open through Feb. 28, gauges perceptions about the use, quantity and quality of Iowa State's facilities and spaces. The results will be used in developing a strategic facilities plan.

Financial help available for students dealing with emergencies

Emergency scholarships help students who are dealing with a one-time issue that is causing them significant financial stress. The goal is to find a way to keep them in school and on track to graduate with a degree.