Simply delicious


A red beet, spinach and beluga lentil salad, left, grilled chicken, top, and chickpea chili topped with diced onion and daiya pepperjack cheese, bottom, are just some examples of the healthy cuisine offered at the new Simple Plate venue, Union Drive Marketplace. Photo by Christopher Gannon.

ISU Dining introduced a new lunch and dinner option in January that's healthy, delicious and just the right size. Simple Plate, located at Union Drive Marketplace, serves salads, vegan, lean-meat and gluten-free dishes, all in USDA-recommended portion sizes. Entrées include churrasco flank steak, sweet potato and corn succotash, lemon-herb roasted chicken and edamame pesto, among others. Daily menus are available online.

A fire at Union Drive Marketplace last June created an opportunity to fast track a plan for the new Simple Plate venue. ISU Dining combined existing and new equipment to go from planning to plating in only six months, a process than can take up to two years.