August occupancy

Troxel Hall

Work on Troxel Hall, going up north of the Farm House Museum, is moving toward a late April completion. The building will add a tiered, 400-seat lecture auditorium to Iowa State's general university classroom inventory. Classes will be scheduled there for the first time in the fall semester.

A glass wall and tall windows along the building's south and east sides, respectively, will provide airy, naturally lit indoor waiting areas for students. The building will have a set of restrooms, back-of-auditorium rooms for faculty preparation and after-class meetings, and an elevator. The orange roof layer seen in the photo will be covered with a vegetated roof by early summer. Iowa State is pursuing LEED® Gold certification for Troxel Hall.

Visible behind Troxel Hall (l-r) are Catt, Horticulture and Bessey halls. Photo by Bob Elbert.