worker with chainsaw removes branches from a tree

Clearing out

Sandwiched between spring and summer sessions, it's a great week to get projects done while most students are away from campus.

Allen speaks to campus leaders

Interim president pledges to work with the campus community to keep the university moving forward in the months ahead.

Regents take first look at $216 tuition increase

If approved, the flat dollar amount translates to another 3 percent hike for resident undergraduates and between 0.4 percent (veterinary medicine nonresidents) and 2.5 percent (graduate residents) for all others.

Change passwords to protect you and ISU

Many campus users don't regularly change their passwords, some don't change them at all. IT is launching a campaign to remind users to update passwords every six months to reduce the threat of cyberattacks on personal accounts and university systems.

Summer projects happening near you

A quick look at projects that might impact you.

Council is considering salary increase recommendation

The Professional and Scientific Council's proposed FY18 salary recommendation asks for "feasible" increases, citing mounting workloads as the university continues to grow. Council members will vote on that motion and a shared governance statement at its May 25 meeting.

Search is underway for business services leader

A search committee has been named to find the next assistant vice president for business services in the university services division.