Online shopping = mailroom challenges

Online shopping is convenient, especially for college students. See how the department of residence is meeting the challenges of packages aplenty in residence hall mailrooms.

birdseye view of the Memorial Union front lawn and fountain scul

MU north lawn

Classic look for an oft-used lawn

The renovated fountain plaza on the Memorial Union's north lawn reopened with the new academic year.

Regents to vote on funding request for vet diagnostic lab

A relocation/expansion for the Vet Med café and an honorary degree for Boeing's CEO also are on the Sept. 7-8 agenda. 

Headshot of Clayton Johnson


Meet Clayton Johnson, Professional and Scientific Council president

Johnson anticipates this year's challenges will include a comprehensive review of the P&S staff pay structure and changes to federal overtime requirements.

Headshot of Jonathan Sturm


Meet Jonathan Sturm, Faculty Senate president

Sturm plans to raise public awareness about the work happening at Iowa State, and to promote free and open access to research and publications. 

Links that do the job

Accessible links are an important, but oft-overlooked, part of a welcoming website. Sensible links tend to be accessible links.