Technology reminders for returning to campus

If you're returning to campus after being away for an extended time, here are a few tips and reminders to get your technology tools back in action.

First things, first. In addition to your basic computing equipment, remember to bring your power supply, cables, adapters, docks, mice, keyboards and any other equipment items when you return to campus. If you set up call-forwarding on your campus phone, you might also wish to turn off that setting.

If it's been some time since you've logged in from campus, updates may need to install and, depending on the status, this may take some time. To confirm your computer is up to date with Windows or MacOS software, refer to this article, "Microsoft Office: Get Microsoft Office Updates for Windows and MacOS Devices" for assistance. To access the Iowa State network, you also may need to update your eduroam certificate (don't worry, it's easy!). Refer to this article, "Wireless Internet: Connect to the Eduroam Network."

In a shared office space, check with your local IT staff or designate a person to confirm printers are working correctly. Refer to this resource, "Print: Connect to a Campus Printer," to troubleshoot any issues. Refamiliarizing yourself or unit with AV equipment that is operational in department conference rooms will also help with the transition back to campus. A few other items to consider include verifying any software licensing needs and reviewing warranty timelines for equipment.

When logging onto the network, some faculty and staff may encounter an issue stating, "The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed." If this occurs, contact the IT Solution Center or your local IT professional. A systems administrator will add your computer back to the domain or re-enable your computer to correct this issue.

Many additional back-to-campus articles and resources are available on the IT portal. For other topics, search the knowledge base and follow the self-service guidance. If you need additional assistance, submit a ticket to the IT Solution Center following these tips, "Get Help: How to Submit an Issue to the IT Solution Center."

Welcome back to campus!