Groundskeeper Mary Schrunk adds mulch to a Memorial Union planti

Assisting Mother Nature

During a dry start to summer, campus groundskeepers have been taxed to keep a beautiful central campus just so.

Where the Principles of Community came from

Sixteen years ago this summer, an Iowa State graduate student knew exactly how he'd like the campus to respond to a hateful graffiti attack. The Principles of Community he envisioned and helped develop eventually became ubiquitous on the ISU campus.

If you'll need a passport, apply now

As pandemic precautions lift, international travel plans are bound to become more common for faculty, staff and students. Anyone who has "securing a valid passport" on their travel to-do list should apply now.

Here's your chance: Tell IT what you need for data storage

An IT survey asks members of the campus community to share how they're using electronic data storage, what they need it to do and what they want it to do.

Regents propose 3.5-3.9% tuition increases for fall

The three-year plan to align differential tuitions into just two levels, stalled by last year's tuition freeze, would be completed during 2021-22, with one exception.

Technology reminders for returning to campus

IT services offers a few tips, reminders and resources to get your technology tools back in action if you're returning to a campus office this month.

New platform allows online requests for FPM, EHS services

A system that launched July 1 will allow all faculty and staff to submit online service requests to facilities planning and management and environmental health and safety.