Commissioned glass art fits in at the Brunnier

Alisha Abner shoots video of glass exhibit

University museums staff member Alisha Abner captures video of glass artist Andy Paiko's installation at the Brunnier Art Museum earlier this week. Photos by Christopher Gannon.

When it reopens Aug. 24, one of the new exhibitions at the Brunnier Art Museum, Scheman Building, is a multi-piece, floor-to-ceiling glass screen in the naturally lit east part of the museum. University museums commissioned Portland glass artist Andy Paiko to create an Iowa State-specific installation that "reflects the imagery and innovation" of the university, for example the Marston water tower (below) or a cyclone. Paiko was on campus last week to install his latest work, Refraction Summary, which becomes part of the museums' permanent collection.

University museums galleries will close at the end of the day July 22 for several weeks to give staff time to install more fall exhibitions and reopen the first week of fall semester.


Glass Marston water tower inside a glass bulb

Detail of the exhibit reveals a Marston water tower replica inside one of the glass globes.