Employee flu shot clinic opens Sept. 21

Don't pack away all the short sleeve shirts just yet. You'll need one for the employee flu vaccine clinic, which starts earlier and at a new campus location this fall. The ISU WellBeing and occupational medicine programs are sponsoring the clinic weekdays Sept. 21-Oct. 2 in the Stephens Auditorium north lobby. Parking is available in Lot F between the building and Beach Avenue. CyRide's Orange circulator route connects central campus to the center.

The clinic is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for all eligible employees. Older employees or those at higher risk due to medical conditions may receive their vaccination during the 9-10 a.m. hour. Appointments aren't needed for either group. Adventure 2 participants are invited to check the new "My Updates" portal for current information on wait times (if any) at the clinic.

The vaccination at the employee clinic will be administered via injection. It contains four components that protect against two A and two B flu virus strains. Both flu mist and higher dose (targeting those 65 years and older) options exist this season, but neither will be available at this clinic.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends flu vaccines during the pandemic, including in communities where COVID-19 is spreading.

Come prepared

To ensure everyone's safety and health, the Cyclones Care behaviors will be enforced at the flu clinic, including face coverings, physical distancing, designated entrance and exit doors and hand sanitizer availability. Employees who aren't feeling well should stay home. Those attending the clinic are asked to wear short-sleeve or loose-fitting clothing. Additionally, they will:

  • Answer the Cyclones Care daily symptom checker.
  • Have their temperature checked. Any employee with a temperature of 100.4 or greater will not be able get a vaccine that day.
  • Need to know their nine-digit employee number at registration.

Who's eligible?

These university employees may receive a flu vaccine at no cost:

  • Faculty, professional and scientific and merit staff
  • Postdoctoral scholars
  • University Child Care employees
  • ISU Foundation employees
  • Iowa State Daily employees
  • ISU retirees on an ISU health plan who are not yet 65

Employees' spouses and children are not eligible for vaccinations at this clinic. Visiting scholars and students -- both graduate and undergraduate -- should use the Thielen Student Health Center for their annual flu vaccines.