Clearing the air

With a new year comes a new look for an existing policy. As of Jan. 1, electronic smoking devices are included in Iowa State's smoke-free campus policy.

A 2008 revision to the policy put ISU in accord with the state's Smokefree Air Act (Iowa Code 142D). This latest revision adds electronic devices "containing or delivering nicotine" that "simulate smoking through inhalation of vapor or aerosol." That includes devices commonly known as e-cigarettes or vape pens.

The policy applies to anyone on campus -- employees, students and visitors -- and covers all vehicles, buildings, property and grounds that are owned, leased or operated by Iowa State.

Wait for it

Two policies intended to go into effect on Jan. 1 aren't quite ready, including:

  • A proposed policy that outlines use of video cameras on ISU property for administrative purposes -- such as security and customer service -- is waiting final administrative approval.
  • A proposed amendment to an existing policy that provides requirements for the use of unmanned aircraft systems (drones) on/over ISU property is being tweaked. In response to submitted feedback, policy developers are working to clarify language outlining the permission process and procedures for use of the devices.