CyBox: It's portable, secure and spacious

You might be a good candidate for CyBox, Iowa State's latest file storage and sharing system, if:

  • You email work documents to yourself so that you can access them on the road or at home
  • You share course-based materials with students
  • You need to send a photo or video file that's too large to make it through Outlook Exchange
  • You want to share files with people who aren't university employees or students

CyBox is Iowa State's version of the popular storage site Unlike other storage sites, CyBox has beefed-up security features that meet federal requirements for protecting student privacy (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, FERPA).

More space for the asking

All faculty, staff and students get an automatic 25G of space under this free, cloud-based service. Faculty and staff allocations can be raised to 50GB at no additional charge.

CyBox can be accessed wherever you have a network and a computer or mobile device. Simply go to and use your ISU Net-ID and password to sign in.

"You can use CyBox to share folders or files with others, on campus or off," said Mike Lohrbach, ITS senior systems analyst. "Sharing via CyBox, rather than email, reduces traffic and storage load on email servers," he said.

More accessories

CyBox also:

  • Stores all the versions of a file, allowing you to access and revert to previous versions
  • Syncs items with your desktop (download free application)
  • Includes tools for embedding files into a website, taking notes and performing workflow tasks

More information about CyBox and other university storage options is available on the ITS file storage website.