Take a minute to update your emergency info

Next time you're in AccessPlus, take a minute to review your information on two important emergency systems:

  • ISU Alert sends a message to you in a university emergency
  • The emergency contact system helps university officials find the right people if you're hurt or missing.

To use these services, you must enter information separately in each system and keep that information updated. See details below.

Five years of alerts

Seventeen ISU Alerts have been sent to the university community over the past five years. Here's the nature of those alerts

  • 7 routine tests
  • 3 warnings about a suspect in an off-campus double homicide
  • 2 severe weather advisories
  • 2 messages about floods
  • 2 missing persons reports
  • 1 report of a suspect purportedly displaying a gun in a residence hall

ISU Alert

Use: Alerts faculty, staff and students in potentially dangerous situations, such as severe weather, hazardous materials incidents or bomb threats.

Confidentiality: Phone numbers and email addresses are used only for the alert -- nothing else.

How to update your info

  • Sign into AccessPlus
  • Click "ISU Alert" in left column
  • You can receive alerts by any or all of three options: phone call, text message, email. Fill in your phone numbers or email address to activate each option.

Emergency contacts

Use: Helps officials find a family member or friend you've designated if you are seriously injured, ill or missing.

Confidentiality: Your emergency contacts are available only to university emergency response staff, such as ISU police.

How to update your info

  • Sign into AccessPlus
  • Click "emergency contact" in the left column
  • Provide contact information for up to five people. In an emergency, officials will start at the top of your list and keep trying until they reach someone.