Caleb Myers prepares a rice bowl to go for Seth Larson

Spring enrollment exceeds projection

On the heels of a collaborative effort to re-enroll fall students, Iowa State exceeded the spring enrollment projection it set last June by more than 200 students.

Eligible to Enroll campaign adjusts, succeeds during pandemic

Eliminating obstacles to students continuing their education is the goal of the Eligible to Enroll, Not Enrolled campaign. The campaign began in 2016, but adjusted for the pandemic as more units and people across campus worked together to help students in need.

P&S Council's annual pay proposal turns focus to benefits

Acknowledging the university's budget challenges, the Professional and Scientific Council's compensation and benefits recommendation for fiscal year 2022 doesn't specify a suggested salary increase. 


Peter Hong


Peter Hong began Feb. 1 as the new director of the ISU Startup Factory, a role in which he also will oversee the Iowa Go-To-Market program. 

Five awards recognize efforts toward inclusivity

Faculty, staff and students share the university's 2021 Martin Luther King Jr. Advancing One Community awards, which honor efforts to foster inclusive environments and promote justice and equity at Iowa State.

Building 'guardians' stay committed to a clean, safe campus

A look back at how we changed our cleaning protocols for a pandemic and the dozens of loyal custodians who got on board with the new assignment.