New pay grades necessary for 44 P&S job profiles

Pay grade assignments for 44 Professional and Scientific (P&S) job profiles have changed following an annual analysis of market data by university human resources (UHR).

Impacted job profiles moved to new pay grades Aug. 14. UHR sent direct communication to managers of impacted employees Aug. 7 and to individual employees impacted by these changes Aug.14. Of the approximately 100 P&S employees whose profiles moved to new grades, 15 employees will be below the minimum salary for the grade and must have their salary increased to the minimum of the new grade on or before Feb. 1, 2024. 

Data-informed change

Director of compensation and talent acquisition Emma Mallarino Houghton said pay grades are informed by salary data from reputable third-party salary surveys and are adjusted when market data changes significantly.

"In an ideal world, we would be adjusting the pay grade structure itself rather than moving job profiles," Mallarino Houghton said. "However, the market for some jobs moves faster than others, and we want to be sure we account for these changes in the market."

The first systemwide market review resulted in more than 170 job profiles moving to a higher pay grade in Aug. 2022, an amount compounded by the economic effects of the pandemic as well as market changes since the launch of the current classification and compensation system in Sept. 2020. Mallarino Houghton said UHR anticipated a smaller impact this year.

"As we continue to do these types of reviews and plan for structure adjustments, we should see smaller impacts over time," she said. "We anticipate future movements of the pay structure, though the amount will vary depending on market movement, leadership support and the university’s ability to fund the increases."

Though job profiles moved in August this year and last, Mallarino Houghton said UHR is planning to standardize the timeline to align with university priorities and accommodate shifts in the annual meritorious salary increase for eligible faculty, P&S, contract and postdoctoral employees. The performance-based increase previously happened July 1 each year but will take place Jan. 1 beginning in 2024.

Learn more

Questions about pay grade assignments and salary increases for impacted employees can be directed to the HR Delivery team. For more information, review the compensation and salary structure policy and find additional resources on the ISU Service Portal.