Search launches for Ames National Laboratory director

Iowa State University has launched the search for the director of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Ames National Laboratory. The successful candidate will succeed Adam Schwartz, who announced last month he will step down from the role.

Ames National Laboratory, one of 10 laboratories under the DOE's Office of Science, is administered by Iowa State University under contract from the DOE. The laboratory is a global leader in materials science, including critical materials, next-generation refrigeration and recycling of plastics and rare earth metals. Many of its scientists also hold academic appointments, most notably in physics, chemistry and engineering disciplines.

"Serving as director of the Ames National Laboratory is an excellent opportunity for top scientists and research leaders," said provost Jonathan Wickert. "I am confident we will find a director who will build upon the momentum created by Adam Schwartz and the laboratory's team."

Peter Dorhout, vice president for research and member of the Ames National Laboratory Oversight Board; and James Morris, the laboratory's chief research officer, co-chair the search. Other members of the committee are:

  • Chelsey Aisenbrey, director of laboratory planning and performance, Ames National Laboratory
  • Nicolas Argibay, scientist IV, Ames National Laboratory
  • Kelly Bergman, program specialist III, Ames National Laboratory
  • Chris Cornelius, professor and chair, materials science and engineering
  • Rebecca Flint, associate professor, physics and astronomy
  • Jennifer Lohrbach, senior manager, Ames National Laboratory information technology systems
  • Robert McQueeney, professor, physics and astronomy; and Ames National Laboratory
  • Ikenna Nlebedim, scientist III, Ames National Laboratory; and adjunct assistant professor, electrical and computer engineering
  • Aaron Rossini, faculty scientist, Ames National Laboratory; and associate professor, chemistry
  • Beate Schmittmann, dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Emily Smith, division director, chemical and biological sciences, Ames National Laboratory; and professor, chemistry
  • Sean Whalen, director, safety and security, Ames National Laboratory
  • Lin Zhou, associate professor, materials science and engineering

Russell Reynolds Associates is supporting the committee's efforts to cast a wide net in searching for the director. A website for the search will go live in the coming weeks.