3.1% salary increase approved

The state Board of Regents' executive director has approved Iowa State's parameters for FY23 performance-based salary increases, effective July 1, and additional discretionary performance-based increases, effective Oct. 1. The parameters for faculty, professional and scientific staff, contract employees and post docs are:

  • A salary increase of 3.1% will take effect July 1 for all eligible employees whose performance meets expectations.
  • Supervisors may provide additional discretionary increases between 1% and 4% for outstanding performance. Discretionary increases will take effect Oct. 1 and be calculated from the Sept. 30 salary. More information about the procedures for the Oct. 1 discretionary process will be provided to campus leaders in July.

Given the timing of the state appropriations and tuition decisions, this provides a simplified approach to meet the deadline for July 1 increases while giving units additional planning time for performance-based discretionary increases. A decision on tuition rates for the upcoming academic year is expected at the regents' July 27 meeting.

These parameters may be adjusted for Iowa State employees of the Ames Laboratory to coincide with applicable federal salary adjustment guidelines.

Merit staff will receive a 1.1% pay increase on July 1, consistent with the state's collective bargaining agreement with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Iowa council, and an additional 2% for satisfactory performance on their annual review date (excluding the public safety bargaining unit).

"Performance-based pay increases are important to support our commitment to our excellent faculty and staff," said President Wendy Wintersteen. "While the university continues to face financial challenges, we recognize our employees are facing similar challenges in this economy. The job market has become increasingly competitive, making pay raises even more critical as a tool to maintain top talent."

New timeline eyed

The university intends to move future performance-based salary increases for non-Merit employees to later in the fiscal year to align with state appropriations and tuition decisions and provide sufficient time for budget planning. More information about this transition will be shared in the coming months.