Have WorkCyte Phase II questions? Contact your change liaison

As the calendar flipped to 2022, the WorkCyte Phase II implementation of Workday Student and Receivables has shifted to a new stage. The plan and discovery portion of the four-year timeline is wrapping up and the project team is turning to design and configuration.

The Workday Student and Receivables cloud-based software products will replace aging current information systems such as ADIN and AccessPlus, a modernization that will affect nearly all faculty, staff and students. 

The first of five deployments is planned for summer 2023. Training opportunities for affected campus stakeholders will begin in the spring of 2023. Before then, the project will likely prompt questions as the WorkCyte team builds prototypes of anticipated ISU processes and procedures that must be configured for Workday Student and Receivables. 

That’s why employees should keep the change liaison network in mind. The volunteer group of more than 100 faculty and staff formed this fall and meets every other month. Change liaisons receive project updates to share with colleagues, such as new terminology and change impacts, and will be a key source of feedback for the project team as Phase II progresses. They’re who to go to with questions about the project or to weigh in with a comment, suggestion or concern.

Change liaisons also will share information and collect feedback on the ongoing support of WorkCyte Phase I, which implemented Workday for finance, human capital management, payroll and budget planning.

To read an FAQ, see some examples of the sorts of questions change liaisons can answer or search for the liaison representing your unit, see the change liaison page on the WorkCyte website.