Who's serving lunch?

The café in your building may have shuttered for the summer, but claiming "there's NOWHERE to eat" may be a bit dramatic. The Hub, Memorial Union food court and Clyde's in the Union Drive Community Center have closed for renovations, but in their place there's Lance and Ellie's premium sandwich shop, which opened in January adjacent to the MU food court, and ISU Dining's first food truck, Dinkey's, opening in mid-May near the Hub.

In addition, there are five cafés, three convenience stores and five other food trucks to serve you this summer. ISU Dining will operate two dining centers: Conversations in the Oak-Elm residence duo all summer, with Union Drive Marketplace (June) and Friley Windows (July) sharing the other spot. And remember that ISU Dining stocks a wide web of vending options, including beverages, frozen items and packaged as well as freshly prepared food items.

Starting at the Memorial Union and walking clockwise, here's a list of campus meal or snack options this summer.

Memorial Union

Friley Hall

  • Windows dining center (July only)

Union Drive Community Center

South of Hoover Hall

South of Beardshear Hall

North of the Hub

  • Food truck: Dinkey's (May opening date TBA)

Parks Library

Lagomarcino Hall

West of Kildee Hall

Frederiksen Court

Oak-Elm residence halls

College of Veterinary Medicine