New delivery plan means fewer semis on campus

Semis on campus are about to become scarce. Beginning Monday, June 13, semis and large box trucks carrying campus goods will stop at an ISU facility on Airport Road. Central stores staff will take over from there, making scheduled forays onto campus to deliver or pick up supplies.

"It's all about safety," central stores director Norm Hill said. "We don't want semis on campus mixing with 36,000 students. Our new central receiving model takes semis and large box trucks off campus.

"Central stores employees will be able to schedule deliveries better, avoiding class change times," he added. "And with one central stores truck making the rounds, we'll also avoid the disruptions of 10 to 12 large vehicles a day looking for a place to park and unload."

Hill said the central receiving facility, located at 925 Airport Road (the old Van Wall dealership) will receive, track and redistribute university-funded materials to ISU departments at no additional charges. (Some charges will be applied for outbound shipping, assembling goods, storage and moving services.)

Central receiving services include inbound and outbound freight deliveries, Office Depot deliveries and moving services, such as office items and lab equipment.

Hill noted several kinds of vehicles will continue to deliver on campus. UPS, FedEx and USPS trucks will operate as usual, as will vehicles carrying food and perishable items.  Trucks delivering supplies for construction projects or third-party events also will be allowed on campus.