ISU flocks to CyBox

CyBox add-ons

Here are a few of the CyBox tools:

  • Box notes: Take notes, share ideas and collaborate in real-time with your team
  • Box edit: Edit or create files directly on Box through Microsoft Office
  • Box for mobile: Applications for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry
  • Box sync: IT doesn't recommend this tool at this time

Faculty, staff and students produce numerous gigabytes of data each week. Just 1,000 gigabytes (known as a terabyte) is the equivalent of about 300 hours of high-quality video. All of that data has to go somewhere.

That’s where CyBox can help. Information technology services (IT) made CyBox – the ISU-branded version of the online file-storage service – available to campus users in April 2013. CyBox use has grown steadily, especially in recent months. Today, there are over 27,800 users on campus who collectively upload more than one new terabyte of data each week. At present, ISU stores more than 47 terabytes of data on CyBox.

Unlimited storage

Faculty, staff and student storage quotas recently increased from 200 gigabytes of individual storage to an unlimited amount per user. Unlimited quotas for users and groups will allow users to move or add to existing capacities without concern over space or cost. The creation of "group accounts" maintain business continuity as individuals move in or out of the university.

“There are a number of benefits, both for users and for technology professionals, utilizing CyBox,” system analyst Mark Bland said. “For users, CyBox offers unlimited storage space, flexibility and security at no charge. For technology professionals, CyBox reduces the pressure on university servers, where that data would otherwise be stored.

However, Bland stressed, "CyBox should only be used for university classes or business.”

Security features

CyBox features include the ability to access files across devices and store notes. CyBox also includes security features such as encryption and meets FERPA and HIPPA privacy guidelines for storing confidential data. will soon roll out improvements to its web application for faster performance and a more intuitive design.

Additionally, students can keep their accounts when they leave ISU, although the individual storage limit drops to 50 gigabytes when anyone leaves the university.

If you aren't using CyBox already, you can get started by visiting