From patio to plaza at The Hub

Demolition is nearly complete as work continues on renovations and improvements to the outside patio area on the west side of The Hub. Crews have removed about 14 truck loads of concrete and brick pavers, installed a new draining system and filled and graded the space to raise the patio area to sidewalk level.

"There has been a significant amount of demolition work," said Rob Ebel, construction manager in facilities planning and management. " With the amount of concrete and reinforcement used in the original 1983 plaza and courtyard project, it definitely was built to last."

The new and larger plaza, which will include outdoor seating and a free speech area, is scheduled for completion by the start of the fall semester. Real-time progress can be watched on the public web camera located on Parks Library. The Hub is open during construction.

Demolition at The Hub, June 1.

Removal of concrete and brick pavers west of The Hub on June 1. Photo by Christopher Gannon.

Renovation work at The Hub, June 22.

Workers backfill over a new storm sewer June 22, installed as part of the ongoing Hub renovation. Photo by Christopher Gannon.