New council post approved

Members of the Professional and Scientific Council approved another executive committee position at their April 3 meeting. The vice president for equity and inclusion will help recruit individuals from underrepresented groups to participate in P&S Council, among other duties.

Council president-elect Amy Tehan said the creation of a single position, rather than a committee, would better serve the council as a central point of interaction for all council subcommittees.

"We felt that [equity and inclusion] should be a function of every single committee," she said.

Office 365 on the horizon

Mike Lohrbach, senior systems analyst in information technology services, presented an overview of a planned campus migration to Microsoft's cloud-based Office 365 service. The move includes email and calendar services for faculty and staff (student accounts will remain on gmail).

"Any time there are changes, or anything happens with email, we want to make sure everybody's got a heads up," Lohrbach said. "Within the last two weeks, we've started doing what we call 'road shows' on this new process."

He said users won't notice a big difference in the functionality. Upgrades will be scheduled with departments over the coming weeks.