Aastra 6737i: Voice to email, call forwards, busy alerts

Aastra 6737i

Aastra 6737i (PDF user guide)

Send voicemail to email

You can automatically send audio copies of your voice mails to email with a tweak in your portal account.

  • If you haven't done so, set up your portal
  • Sign in at the portal site,  phone.iastate.edu
  • In left navigation, click "messaging"
  • Click "voice management"
  • Under the "additionally" section, check "email a carbon copy of the message to" and insert your email address in the blank
  • Caution: Don't use the "when a message arrives" section to forward your voice mail unless you want all voice messages to completely bypass your voice mail box and go only to email
  • Press "apply" or "OK" button

Access voice mail from an off-campus phone

  • Dial (515) 296-6245. You'll need your mailbox ID, which is your 5-digit extension (for example, 4-XXXX), and your passcode

Monitor certain phone extensions to see if they're busy

The busy lamp field (BLF) allows you to see when certain extensions are busy or idle. The LED lights up when an extension is in use.

  • If you haven't done so, set up your portal
  • Go to phone.iastate.edu and sign in
  • Click "client applications" in the left navigation
  • Click "busy lamp field"
  • Use the search criteria to find and add names to your BLF list
  •  You can rearrange the list order by highlighting an entry and using the "move up" or "move down" buttons
  • Click "apply" or "OK" button

To monitor BLF extensions:

  • Your phone screen may not yet display last names of those on your BLF list, but their extensions will  appear in the softkeys on the screen
  • You'll see a few extensions at a time. Click the "more" softkey to view others
  • When one of your monitored extensions is busy, the corresponding LED lights up and the phone icon displays an off-hook receiver
  • If the LED is flashing, the user is receiving an incoming call

To speed dial one of your BLF numbers:

  • Press the BLF softkey adjacent to that number

Forward incoming calls to another number

When you're on your phone or not answering, incoming calls usually are directed to voicemail. Call forward allows you to bypass voice mail and direct those calls to another number. You have three forwarding options:

  • "All" or "always" forwards all incoming calls
  • "Busy" forwards incoming calls when you're on the phone
  • "No answer" forwards calls not answered in a specified number of rings

While you can set call forward from the portal or phone (both instructions follow), the portal option currently works best, especially when setting the "busy" or "no answer" modes.

Call forward (from the portal)

  • If you haven't done so, set up your portal
  • Go to phone.iastate.edu and sign in
  • Click "incoming calls" in the left navigation
  • Click on one of the three call forwarding options
  • Fill in the forwarding number (10 digits, no hyphens), for example, 515294XXXX, and click the "on" button
  • Click "apply" or "OK " button

Call forward (from the phone)

  • Press "options" key
  • Press â–¶ to select "call forward"
  • Scroll to the desired mode ("all," "busy," or "no answer") and select
  • Fill in the forwarding number and turn "state" on by toggling â–¶ or the "change" softkey
  • Back out by hitting "done" softkey three times

Change the name on your phone display

  • If you haven't done so, set up your portal
  • Go to phone.iastate.edu and sign in
  • Under "basic" in the main section, click "profile"
  • Make name corrections
  • Click "apply" or "OK" button