Dial in to your new phone's potential

Editor's note: Iowa State University no longer uses Aastra telephone products. Information about current phone hardware is in IT portal's voice and conferencing services.

New phones

If your old phone was a single-line, your new model likely is the Aastra 6737i (right). If your old phone had many buttons or multi-lines, your new one likely is the Aastra 6739i (left). Photo by Bob Elbert.

If there's not a new phone sitting on your desk, there will be soon. By the end of this month, crews will have installed some 8,000 new phones in offices and units throughout campus. The new phones, which employ cloud computing, will be less costly than the old ones and offer many new features.

All about the phones

The New Telephone System website tells you when phone installers will be in your building and where to go for detailed information on using your new phone.

In a series of Inside articles over the next few weeks, information technology services staff will help you get acquainted with your phone and start taking advantage of some of those new features. The series kicks off this week with some basic training on a few essential tasks. In the coming weeks, ITS staff will introduce you to more, including some high-tech tricks you've probably never had on a phone before.

What phone do you have?

Before getting started on this week's basic training, you need to know your new phone model. Operating instructions differ for the two versions of phones on campus. Most will be using the Aastra 6737i, the successor to the old single-line phones. About one in eight will have the multiline, touch screen Aastra 6739i. 

Basic training starts here: Click  6737i or 6739i

In this session, you'll find out how to:

  • Check voice mail
  • Transfer a call
  • Adjust volume