Aastra 6737i: Basic training

Aastra 6737i: Basic training

Aastra 6737i

Keys and softkeys

Keys are the permanently labeled buttons on the lower half of the phone. Examples: "goodbye," "options" and "hold" keys.
Softkey labels appear on the screen adjacent to them. Examples: "voice mail" and "call pickup." 

Set up your voice mail

  • Press "voice mail" softkey
  • When prompted, enter the default passcode provided by your ISU voice/data coordinator, followed by "#"
  • When prompted, change your passcode, followed by "#." Your passcode must be 6-12 characters long. You can't:
    • repeat a single number (333333)
    • use your own phone number or your phone number reversed
    • use your previous passcode or your previous passcode reversed
  • When prompted, record your name

Note: After five failed login attempts, a passcode is revoked. You'll need to contact the Solution Center, 4-4000, to reset. 

Until conversion

Your new phone won't be fully functional until it's completely converted to the new system. Until conversion, your phone:

  • Won't display caller IDs
  • Won't relay calls from old model university phones or off-campus.

Check voice mail

  • Pick up handset
  • Select “voice mail” softkey
  • Enter your passcode
  • To access your voice mailbox, press 1

To access voice mail from an off-campus phone:

  • Dial (515) 296-6245. You'll need your mailbox ID, which is your 5-digit extension (for example, 4-XXXX), and your passcode.

Transfer a call

To make the transfer unannounced:

  • Press "Xfer" softkey
  • Dial desired number (4-XXXX)
  • Press "goodbye" key

To make the transfer after announcing the call:

  • Press "Xfer" softkey
  • Dial desired number (4-XXXX), wait for answer and announce transfer
  • Press "Xfer" softkey or "goodbye" key to complete transfer

To cancel the transfer and return to original caller:

  • If phone is still ringing, press the active (lit) line key (usually, line 1)
  • To return to the original caller after speaking with the second party, press the active (lit) line key (usually, line 1)

To transfer caller to Jane Doe's voicemail:

  • Press "Xfer" softkey
  • Dial voicemail number -- 6-0927
  • At the prompt, dial Jane Doe's number -- 4-XXXX
  • Press "Xfer" again

Adjust volume

Use the two sound keys on the bottom left of the phone to adjust volumes. 

  • To set ringer volume, leave the handset in the cradle
  • To set handset volume, lift handset and adjust
  • To set speaker volume, adjust while speaker is turned on
  • To set headset volume, adjust volume while on a call 

User guide

Detailed instructions on using your phone is in the online Aastra 6737i user guide (PDF).