Changes at nutrition, wellness center take effect in May

Iowa State's Nutrition and Wellness Research Center, located primarily in the Research Park, will undergo changes next month intended to increase operation efficiencies. The center's programmatic components, such as community outreach efforts and symposiums, will be discontinued. And when the three-year terms of faculty co-directors Mike Spurlock (food science and human nutrition) and Greg Welk (kinesiology) end on May 16, the center will be managed by the FSHN department, in collaboration with the kinesiology department.

Spurlock and Welk will continue their individual research activities.

The focus of the 6-year-old center will shift to providing space and state-of-the-art equipment that facilitate health, nutrition and activity-related research by faculty in the College of Human Sciences. Faculty members will continue to pursue funding opportunities with corporations, foundations, government agencies and other sources to support their work.

Assistant scientist Jeanne Stewart, who is located on site, will continue to assist researchers conducting work at the center.