Spring training: Get ready for Kuali debut

If you work with university processes and systems, a little spring training on the Kuali system is in order. The training will prepare you for changes that occur July 1, when some administrative systems are switched to the Kuali system.

Kuali is open-source software that 50-plus universities, including Iowa State, are building for use in all kinds of business and administrative projects. Through Kuali collaboration, universities are able to enhance and maintain administrative systems at less cost, ISU officials say.


A few Iowa State processes are moving to Kuali this summer, with many more to be phased in later. Two basic training sessions will be offered from late March through mid-May. The courses, each consisting of three 1.5-hour sessions, are:

  • Kuali Financial Systems, designed for all users entering financial transactions
  • eData, designed for all users reporting financial information

Magann Orth, Kuali learning and development specialist, distinguishes between the two sessions this way: "eData is for viewing; KFS is for doing."

Several sessions are available for each course, although some already are filled. Sign up for a session through AccessPlus.

Kuali at ISU

More information about the Kuali project and training opportunities are available on the Kuali website.