Recycle phonebooks, mixed paper Dec. 19-21

Iowa State's annual phonebook recycling effort will be combined with the second mixed paper recycling of 2012. Campus services teams will collect both Dec. 19-21 at buildings that submit an online request by 5 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 12.

What's included

In addition to phonebooks, examples of eligible paper include journals, magazines, catalogs, junk mail pieces, paperback books and colored paper.

What's not included

This collection is not for white paper or newsprint (for which the university has ongoing recycling programs). Other items that are not part of this collection include:

  • Hardbound textbooks
  • Plastic binders or ring binders that contain eligible paper (remove paper from binders)
  • Confidential materials, also for which the university has an ongoing program

Request required for pickup

"The biggest change this fall is that there isn't a preset building list and we won't automatically appear at your building to make a collection," said ISU recycling coordinator Sue Mallas. "Employees will need to send in a request; preferably they'll coordinate with others in their building and submit a single request per building."

Paper and phonebooks should be gathered in cardboard boxes – to a size and weight one person could lift – and stacked at building loading areas late in the day on Dec. 18. Questions about the collection may be directed to Mallas, 4-0692.

Phonebooks and mixed paper will be transported to International Paper in Des Moines for recycling.

Since June 2010, ISU's recycling committee has organized regular mixed paper collections for recycling. The most recent one, in June, netted 10.5 tons of mixed paper.