Test your architectural IQ on student-made birdhouses

Birdhouse A

For a history of architecture class, students recently created birdhouses in the style of architects through the ages. Photos by Dan Naegele and Alison Weidemann.

Could you pick out a Frank Lloyd Wright house in a neighborhood? Do you know that Beardshear Hall was modeled after ancient Greek and Roman buildings? If you answered "yes" to either question, you might enjoy testing your architectural savvy on ... birdhouses.

The photos on this page depict just a few of the recent creations of students in professor Dan Naegele's history of architecture class. Each student's assignment was to create a birdhouse (suitable for Iowa birds and Iowa weather) in the style of 35 eras from prehistory to 1750. So it's not going to be quite as easy as finding the Frank Lloyd Wright, but you're up to the task. The houses were briefly on display earlier this week south of Beardshear.

Try matching the seven birdhouses on this page to these styles. (Two birdhouses are in the same style.) See answer key below.

  • Italian Proto-Renaissance
  • French Gothic
  • Primitive
  • Italian Renaissance
  • Mughal
  • Chinese Garden
Second set of birdhouses
First set of birdhouses











A. Chinese Garden   B. Primitive   C. Mughal   D. Primitive   E. Italian Renaissance   F. Italian Proto-Renaissance   G. French Gothic