Board of Regents assigns new state relations officer to ISU

Ann McCarthy, the Board of Regents state relations officer assigned to Iowa State for the past two years, will assume a new role for the board, effective Nov. 19. McCarthy will focus on coordinating economic development policy.  

Joe Murphy


Joe Murphy, director of public affairs for the Summit Group, has been named state relations officer for Iowa State.

The changes were announced by Robert Donley, executive director of the board.

"The board is devoting more time and attention to the state's economic development issues and helping Iowans better understand the role and contributions of our three public universities," Donley said.  "Ann will play a key role in this effort." 

Murphy has been with the Summit Group, a group of investment and operating companies focused on the ag industry, for more than one year. Prior to that, he served three years as state relations officer assigned to the University of Northern Iowa. In his first post with the regents in 2006, he served as liaison to the student governments on the three state university campuses.

"We're fortunate to have Joe rejoin our staff and focus his attention on Iowa State," Donley added.

President Steven Leath expressed thanks to McCarthy and said he and others at Iowa State look forward to working with Murphy.

"I'm particularly grateful to Ann for assisting me as I became acquainted with legislators and other state officials during my first year in office," Leath said.  "Much of my success this year can be attributed to Ann and her efforts. We are fortunate to have an experienced person like Joe Murphy assume the state relations responsibilities."