Overhauled originals back overhead

Reinstalling Curtiss Hall's newly refurbished stained-glass skylights this week, one of the final pieces of the third-floor renovation project, should increase the visibility of the often-overlooked adornment.

Summer programs give undergraduates intense intro to research

Numerous summer programs bring undergraduates from other schools to campus to work on ongoing research projects with Iowa State faculty. The deep and often new immersion in research helps prepare students for a possible path toward graduate school.

Construction continues at southeast complex; MWL complete

Construction work at the Maple Willow Larch fields is complete and they will open this fall while the Southeast Recreation Complex will be completed in 2020. The fields provide more options for participants in intramural and club sports.

Brunnier museum reopens next month

A $1.95 million renovation of the Brunnier Art Museum is nearly complete following a 20-month closure for planning and construction.

Greenlee Summit to focus on civility

With the Iowa caucuses approaching, the second annual summit has local, regional and national media professionals discussing civility in our democracy during a two-day event.  

Buyers repurpose 58 tons of furniture, housewares at ramp sale

The 4th annual Rummage RAMPage kept 116,424 pounds of furniture and housewares out of the landfill, an increase of 14,000 pounds from 2018. Twenty-two nonprofits provided more than 1,200 volunteer hours to staff the sale.