Curtiss Hall

Deconstruction at Curtiss Hall

About 75 percent of the Harl (student) Commons project in the east wing of Curtiss Hall is demolition work. It started in July and should wrap up before the semester break. Harl Commons should open next summer.

Four priorities guide planning for FY14 and beyond

Using the strategic plan as a starting point, president Steven Leath identified four priorities that will guide both effort and budget planning over the next several years. Senior vice presidents will use the four to set priorities and develop budgets within their own units.

Meteorologists Bill Gallus and Tim Marquis

Gallus and Marquis

ISU meteorologists help Cyclones play it safe

Days before a home football game, graduate students start poring over weather maps, in an effort to figure out what might blow into Jack Trice Stadium on game day. The students are meteorologists who volunteer their time and expertise in the interest of game day safety for Cyclone football, soccer, softball and track.

Save more money for retirement in 2013

Higher voluntary contribution limits for 403(b) plans in 2013 make saving for retirement a bit easier. Find out what you can do to fatten your nest egg.

Council rep areas getting another look

Professional and Scientific Council members discussed proposed changes to representation areas at their Nov. 1 meeting.

Updated FAQ offers more details on research funding initiative

If you plan to seek funding through the Presidential Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research, check the updated FAQ. Feedback and questions that came up at two recent forums on the initiative have been incorporated into the FAQ.