A plan to repurpose plexiglass

ISU logistics and support services (LSS) will coordinate a program to repurpose plexiglass shields for campus units that no longer use them. This is a voluntary program; units that want to keep their shields in place -- many date to summer 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic took hold -- are encouraged to continue using them.

LSS director Jared Hohanshelt said the first priority is to find other uses for the plexiglass shields on campus. Examples could be: raw materials for industrial design student projects; replacement windows or multiple types of barriers on university farms; or to support university museums exhibitions. Units with repurposing strategies for plexiglass should contact ISU Surplus manager Mark Ludwig, surplus@iastate.edu, for more information.

A second option could add some of the plexiglass to ISU Surplus' weekly public sale. The last choice, if needed, would be to find recycling options for it, Hohanshelt said.

Fill out the form

Campus units with plexiglass to turn in should follow the same procedure they use to dispose of office furniture and equipment. Complete an ISU Surplus Excess Property Disposal Form (PDF), and schedule a pick-up with LSS. Include the number of pieces and plexiglass dimensions in the description or comments section of the form.

Hohanshelt said plexiglass shields should be ready for transport. If a shield is attached to a surface or suspended from a ceiling (and employees can't free it without tools), they should request assistance via facilities planning and management's FAMIS360 platform.