New website is central spot for tracking retirement funds

A website that launched this week will allow employees to see all their university retirement savings in one portal, which they also will use to manage voluntary retirement contributions.  

Advisors available

Thinking about your retirement goals? Consider meeting with a financial advisor from one of the three vendors who provide ISU voluntary retirement plans.

AIG (In-person, virtual or on-campus)
Contact Dan Allen by email or at 515-322-0990

Ameriprise (In-person or virtual)
Contact Colette Gunhus by email or at 515-233-5402, or Emily Mickelson by email or at 515-253-8200

TIAA (In-person, virtual or on-campusmore information)
Contact Paige Philips by email or at 515-268-8607, or Jay Albrecht by email or at 515-268-8614

The Retirement@Work website simplifies planning for the future by displaying all of an employee's 403(b) and 457(b) retirement fund balances in the same spot no matter the vendor, including mandatory defined contribution plans (TIAA) and voluntary retirement savings (TIAA, AIG or Ameriprise). Information on IPERS, a defined benefit plan employees can select instead of TIAA for their required retirement contributions, is not shown in the portal.

In addition, Retirement@Work is where employees now go to sign up for voluntary retirement plans, select a vendor for a voluntary plan, and set or change their voluntary contribution amounts. Employees will no longer sign up for or make changes to voluntary retirement accounts in Workday. 

One benefit of Retirement@Work, a TIAA product, is the ability to select the maximum amount an employee can contribute without having to calculate how much that equals per monthly deduction. Adding that feature has been a frequest request from employees, said Angela Elthon, accounting manager for the fringe beneft accounting and compliance office. 

Retirement@Work provides investment research tools and retirement planning calculators, but to adjust investments or beneficiaries, employees will continue to access their accounts directly through their chosen providers. The launch of the new site doesn’t change prior retirement savings choices or policies.

Use Okta to log in to Retirement@Work. Here's a guide for adding application tiles to Okta, a guide for navigating the website and a 2-minute video that provides a visual tour.

For assistance with enrolling and managing accounts, call the phone center for Retirement@Work, managed by TIAA, at 844-567-9090 on weekdays, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. For general plan questions, email the fringe benefits accounting and compliance office.