Be ready for data deadlines as Workday go-live nears

With the end of the fiscal year on June 30 and Workday go-live on July 1, deadlines for finalizing data in Iowa State's current financial, human resources and payroll systems are being determined.  A WorkCyte team has been planning for the cutover -- moving from existing systems and processes to the Workday software platform -- for months.

"Cutover is unique in that we're going to have interim processes where business is going to look a little different," said Joli Coil, a program manager in information technology services and member of the WorkCyte cutover team. "It's not going to look like our current processes, and it's not really going to look like our final Workday processes."

Go-live is not a simple flip of a switch at midnight on June 30. Data from dozens of systems must be cleaned up, converted and loaded into Workday, beginning as early as late May. Cutover timing may shorten the window for entering and updating data in systems accessed through Administrative Information Systems (ADIN) and AccessPlus.

"Each system and the processes around them are being analyzed to determine the best date to snapshot the data, format and load it," Coil said.

Last days

Coil said the cutover team is determining "last day" deadlines for adding and updating information in current systems. For example, university human resources announced deadlines to post and apply for positions in PeopleAdmin, the hiring and classification software that will be replaced by Workday.

Deadlines for FY 2019 end-of-year work also will be affected. The controller's office will release a schedule for earlier end-of-year financial processes earlier to accommodate the cutover.

"We have to plan for what that cutover execution time frame looks like. We have a fiscal year-end process, but we have to do things a bit differently. Some dates might be earlier," Coil said. "We'll have an inventory of the last days to enter data into current systems."

Last day deadlines will be announced through WorkCyte and PIT crew communications, beginning in May.