Bus stop surveys are part of CyRide study

Students at a CyRide bus stop

Students await their bus outside Memorial Union earlier this week. Photo by Christopher Gannon.

CyRide buses and their riders are getting some special attention this week and next. Observers, working on behalf of a consulting firm, will distribute short surveys to riders and count how many individuals board and depart from each bus stop.

The counts and surveys are part of a year-long study to determine if the current route structure is the most efficient and effective for the transit system that carries nearly 7 million rides a year.

CyRide has grown dramatically over the past decade without a lot of change to its route structure, said CyRide transit director Sheri Kyras. The study, conducted by national transportation consultants Nelson\Nygaard, will help determine if CyRide should restructure services to meet more of the community's demand.

Your thoughts, please

"We hope many members of the Ames/Iowa State community will participate in this study by offering their ideas," Kyras said. 

More opportunities for input will occur in October and November with an online survey and public meetings.

Longtime partners

Four years into an infant bus service, the city of Ames joined with Iowa State to create the CyRide transit agency in 1980. Today, the agency is funded by Ames (24 percent), Iowa State (10 percent) and ISU student fees (66 percent). Over 90 percent of CyRide passengers are ISU students.

The CyRide fleet consist of 105 buses -- six articulated, 91 standard and eight mini buses.