New WorkFlex request process boosts flexibility

As of June 19, eligible employees interested in a WorkFlex arrangement no longer need to wait for scheduled request windows to apply for the flexible work program or alter an agreement.

"By eliminating windows, the WorkFlex program becomes more flexible for employees and supervisors to modify arrangements as needed," said Ed Holland, university human resources (UHR) director of benefits. "It also allows new employees to make a request and not have to wait for a future window."

Part of the plan

Since its launch in January 2022, requests for WorkFlex have been processed in three-month windows in the fall, spring and summer. Holland said that using specific timeframes during the rollout helped the university community learn what to expect from the process, but the plan always was to move away from application windows once employees and managers understood how the program worked.

More than a year after the first round of arrangements went into effect, employees can now submit a request at any time to start, renew or change a WorkFlex agreement. Though the defined timeline of the windows is gone, the rest of the process is the same. Holland said it may result in quicker turnarounds now that many of the preliminary decisions for how WorkFlex would work for different units have been considered and employees and managers are more familiar with the procedure.

Learn more

Instructions for submitting a WorkFlex request in Workday can be found on the UHR Knowledge Base. For more information, go to the WorkFlex website, contact your HR Delivery representative or email HR Delivery.